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 Gifts Products

  • Finkbeiner Gifts
    Finkbeiner Feines Kunsthandwerk: Situated in the picturesque Black Forest Region of Germany, Finkbeiner works with wood from the area and designs and manufactures a wide variety of gifts, home décor items, Christmas ornaments, nativity scenes and cards and some toys and decoration for children’s rooms.
  • Raeder Gifts
    Raeder offers an eclectic mix of gifts, Seasonal and home décor items in glass, metal, slate and other materials. Their design team surprises us each and every year with innovative new products.
  • Lindwurm
    Lindwurm was started in Germany in 1991 by Christine Wolf who along with her husband designed and carved a number of animals to sell at craft markets. The friendship with an Indonesian carver initiated the idea to take the business to another level.