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 If you are looking for high quality toys for your children then look no further than to the company ROSSBERG situated in southern Bavaria. For more than 100 (yes that is a big fat 100) years their HEROS line of wooden toys has enchanted children in Germany and all over the world.

All HEROS toys are made in Germany from hardwoods like Beech, Yoke Elm, and Maple to withstand the test of time. These deformation-resistant hardwoods are harvested according to sustainable forestry principles.

Heros toys get full marks for protecting the environment. Not only are wooden toys environmentally friendly, Rossberg even goes as far as utilizing all wood waste, resulting from the various toy production steps, to produce energy that powers the plant making their toys.

Heros is committed to sustainable forest management. All Heros toys are tested and meet or exceed the strict European Safety Standard for Toys (EN71). Heros wooden toys have a safe, durable surface finish and all their paints and dyes are water-soluble (water based) and is harmless if ingested.

High quality, classic wooden toys that are safe for babies, toddlers and children to explore and enjoy with all their senses!

To see the entire line please visit www.heros-toys.de  ask for a catalogue or phone the sales representative in your region.

Baby mit Steinen

 Building Blocks in Drum

Block Trolley