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Plush Products

  • LESCHI Organic
    The small and big Leschi animals in primary colours and the red hearts are made from a soft plus material and filled with organic wheat grown by small farmers in Germany. Animals can be warmed in the oven or microwave and placed on a baby’s hurting tummy. Or you can wear the big gorilla round your neck for fun and easing that sore muscle pain.
  • Living Puppets
    The LIVING PUPPETS ® from Germany have more than 150 human and animal characters in their family. Each puppet (boys and girls, blonde and dark haired, fair and dark skinned) has its own character and a charming face. They are made from soft, smooth material and both young and old instantly want to pick them up, cuddle them and take them home. Living Puppets are easy to manipulate and come to life in anyone's hands.